Carbar, Indigo aim to automate roadside assistance

A new partnership between Carbar and accident management provider Indigo Vehicle Solutions aims to automate roadside assistance during an accident.

Typically, any road accident leads to even more hardship after the incident. The driver is forced to manage the repair, liaise with the insurer and third party. If they are lucky, they might get a replacement car.

Carbar customers won’t have to go through that hassle. The partnership will see Indigo Vehicle Solutions manage all the inconvenience of dealing with the insurer and arranging the repair. They will even deliver a replacement car so Carbar customers are back on the road. read more…

Indigo Vehicle Solutions announces its’ strategic partnership with Interleasing

In a move to further establish its presence as a serious provider in the accident management space, Indigo Vehicle Solutions announces its’ strategic partnership with Interleasing.

Interleasing, the fleet leasing arm of McMillan Shakespeare recently awarded Indigo Vehicle Solutions with the contract for the provision of accident management services across its fleet of vehicles.

Indigo Vehicle Solutions provides accident management services to companies with large fleets along with insurance brokers and fleet leasing companies such as Interleasing. read more…